MoReSCE 2018 Program at Glance

MONA Hotel - Zlatibor, Republic of Serbia

Day 1

10.00h – 19.00h
Participants and Speakers registration
19.00h – 19.30h
Welcome Note
   • Mr. Dejan Cika, Director General at the PE “Ski Resorts of Serbia”, Serbia,
   • Mr. Dimitrije Lazarovski, Director of World Para Snow Sports International Paralympics Committee (IPC), Germany.
19.30h – 20.30h
Opening Plenary Panel: “The Rise of Central Europe Mountain Resorts”
   • Mr. Miroslav Knezevic, State Secretary at the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Serbia,
   • Mr. Damir Davidovic, State Secretary at the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Montenegro,
   • Ms. Cristina Tarteata, Deputy Minister at the Ministry for Tourism, Romania,
   • Ms. Eva Strafs Podlogar, Deputy Minister for Tourism at the Ministry of Economic Development and
Technology, Slovenia,
Moderator:  Sinisa Topalovic, Partner at Horwath HTL Zagreb, Croatia.
20.30h – 23.00hh

Welcome cocktail by Mona Hotel Management

Day 2

10.00h – 10.45h
“Mountain Resort Planning and Design: Creating Sustainable Platform for the Future and Showcasing Success
   • Mr. Pascal Roux, President and CEO at the MDP Consulting and Engineering, France,
   • Mr. Michael Bitterl,  Former authorized representative and director for the CEE market at Doppelmayr, Austria.
10.45 – 11.15h

“EU Development projects in Mountain Resorts: Is there a Pot for such initiatives in Brussels” 

   • M
r. Francesco Comotti, Founder and CEO, Evolution Tourist Marketing, Italy.

11.15h – 12.00h
Good morning by Bean and Leaf Belgrade
12.00h – 13.00h
“The Big Picture of Mountain Resort Development and Region Competitiveness”
   • Mr. Ernest Kovac, President of the Association of Ropeways Slovenia,
   • Mr. Igor Ziljak, Director at the Ski Slopes Sljeme Zagreb, Croatia,
   • Mr. Vuk Popovic, Director at the Ski Center Javorovaca, Montenegro,
   • Mr. Tomislav Momirovic, Chairman of the Board at the Mona Hotel Management Serbia.
Moderator: Mr. Damjan Pintar, Former Vice-President at the Association of European Ski Centres FIANET and
GM at the Sportour Slovenia.
13.00h – 14.00h

Lunch Break
14.00h – 14.45h

“Financing Projects in Mountain Resorts: Investment Opportunities and Challenges”
   • Ms. Tatjana Vukic, CMO at Direktna Banka Belgrade, Serbia,
   • Mr. Lazar Sestovic, Senior Country Economist, Serbia, Europe and Central Asia Region at the World Bank,
   • Mr. Aleksandar Bucic, Director at KPMG Belgrade, Serbia,
   • Mr. Miroljub Aleksic, President of Alco Group, Serbia. 
Moderator: Mr. Vladimir Pavlovic, Partner at WM Equity Partners Belgrade, Serbia.
14.45h – 15.45h

“Innovative Marketing and Branding Solutions for Mountain Resorts: Way Forward for Cutting Edge Platforms”
   • Mr. Gorazd Cad, CEO at Toleranca Marketing, Slovenia,
   • Mr. Ljupco Janevski, Director at the Agency for Tourism Promotion and Support of Macedonia,
   • Mr. Danijel Koletic, CEO at Apriori World Zagreb, Croatia.
16.30h – 18.30h
B2B Speed Meetings (Registration available upon request) over Bean and Leaf and Royal Spring
20.30h – 24.00h
Roof Top MoReSCE 2018 Dinner and Party

Day 3

9.30h – 10.30h
Shepherds breakfast: Panel Hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia on the topic of joint regional cooperation in tourism

10.30h – 11.00h
MoReSCE energizer by the British Motors Serbia: Your Active Holiday Partner
11.00h – 11.45h
“365 days in Mountain Resorts: Innovative Platforms for All Year Round Tourism”
   • Mr. Andrej Zigon, CEO at Alliance, Slovenia,
   • Ms. Stephan Penz, Partner at Deutcher SportAusweis, Germany.
11.45h – 12.00h
“The Case of International Ski Patrol”
   • Mr. Luca Sardelli, Board Member at the International Ski Patrol, Italy.
12.00h – 13.00h
Au Revoir MoReSCE 2018 Brunch



The future of mountain resorts tourism (market trends, challenges, seasonality, sustainability issues: e.g. climate change), infrastructure and transport planning for mountain destinations.


Investment policy planning issues, government incentive models and instruments to attract investors and entrepreneurs, PPP models.


Innovative practices for marketing use of IT and smart devices, internet marketing for mountain resort development, resort branding.